Together, we’ve achieved real progress over the last four years with substantial investments in our neighbourhoods.

We’ve improved the newly named Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex ($5.2 Million), upgraded playground equipment in six of our parks ($1.5 Million), provided new tennis courts at Central Park ($150k),  began work on the Cabana Road Improvement Project ($46 Million), added bylaw enforcement resources to maintain property standards in our neighbourhoods, funded Lennon Drain improvements to help eliminate flooding in the area ($3.7 Million), and will soon break ground on an addition to Budimir Public Library ($2.9 Million). We’ve also lowered the city’s debt (by $18 Million since 2014), continued to invest record amounts into fixing our roads and sewers ($194 Million and $154 Million respectively, from 2018 to 2023), held the line on property taxes with a modest 2.2% total property tax increase in four years, moved forward with the process to build a brand-new hospital, and seen our economy and jobs market improve since 2014. Yes, we’ve made great progress, but there’s still work to be done and further progress to be had in the next four years.

That is why I am once again asking for your vote, and support of my Taxpayers First & Stronger Neighbourhoods Plan.


My Taxpayers First & Stronger Neighbourhoods Plan consists of the following:


          1. Holding the Line on Taxes

            The city has been on the right track for the past fifteen years as it relates to our financial health. We must not lose focus of the need to keep costs down for our residents and we must ensure that we are making it as affordable as possible for our residents and businesses to be in Windsor. My plan continues to put the interests of the Taxpayers First by:

            • Holding the line on taxes and continuing to reduce the burden on homeowners.
            • Focusing on the basics, continuing to fix our roads and sewers, and work to end basement and backyard flooding in our neighbourhoods.
            • Reducing debt and building up Windsor’s financial reserves.
            • Promoting financial responsibility at Windsor City Hall.
          2. Economic Diversification and Job Creation

            Job growth and economic diversification must continue to be top priorities at Windsor City Hall. We must continue to support local businesses while creating the necessary economic conditions to attract new investments. My plan will:

            • Work to make Windsor the most affordable, attractive, and progressive city in North America.
            • Reduce the tax burden on commercial and industrial businesses.
            • Provide financial incentives to investors and businesses to encourage growth and development.
            • Launch more municipal online e-services which make it easier to do business at Windsor City Hall.
            • Encourage increased program support for small business and new start-ups.
            • Continue to diversify our economy in the manufacturing, aerospace, alternative energy, technological, health sciences and tourism sectors.
            • Support initiatives that promote the development and advancement of the skills of our workforce while promoting our benefits worldwide.
          3. Increased Investment for Ward 1 with New Neighbourhood Enhancement Initiatives to Improve Our Quality of Life

            People choose to work, live, and play in communities that are affordable and attractive. As a community we must be balanced in our approach in building our City by offering a higher quality of life, but we must also focus on the basics and fix our infrastructure. My plan is proven and provides real results to:

            • Accelerate capital investment for Ward 1 to fix our roads and sewers infrastructure.
            • Provide additional funding for current and new flood protection and prevention initiatives.
            • Improve and expand trail and cycling networks in our ward with greater route connectivity.
            • Improve and update children’s playground equipment in our neighbourhood parks.
            • Enhance our neighbourhoods with more beautification features along our streets and gateways.
            • Provide greater bylaw enforcement resources to effectively maintain property standards in Ward 1.
            • Review current tree maintenance and winter control policies to ensure best possible services are provided to our residents.
          4. Greater Traffic Calming and Safety Initiatives for Ward 1 Neighbourhoods

            Our neighbourhoods belong to our residents and should not be used as a cut-through for speeding traffic looking for a shortcut. My plan will make our neighbourhoods safer by:

            • Employing traffic calming initiatives on our local neighbourhood streets (reducing speed limits, speed cushions, chicanes, raised crosswalks/crossovers, lane narrowing, pavement markings, etc.) to make roadways safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
            • Increasing police monitoring and enforcement on our local neighbourhood streets, specifically within school districts and community safety zones.
            • Introducing Speed Radar Displays on our local neighbourhood streets that currently do not have any.
            • Installing street lighting for those neighbourhoods that request increased lighting and security.


I hope I can count on your support on election day, Monday, October 22nd.



Fred Francis